We are able to develop all stages of a project, from initial feasibility study through to production of detailed design, calculations and drawings control, preparation of contract documents and building site monitoring and supervision.

Demolition and pulling down

We select precisely the best equipment, materials, and methods for every project, and the best strategic communication plan to ensure acceptance by community groups and regulatory agencies.

Stability of slopes and ground works

We drive forward expertise in the structure and behaviour of all ground conditions, to become better managers of our built and natural world.

Structural engineering

We project using the latest technology in buildings with advanced approaches to work in favour to security and against fire, earthquakes and wind.

Sustainable energy systems and environmental analysis

To create buildings that operate on lighter costs and fewer resources, we pursue excellence in high-performance façades and mechanical, electrical, water and waste systems.

Building services engineering

Our team shares a common goal: to create buildings that work better for people.